Have a safe and healthy Turkey Day!

From the CJTC Board, have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.  Instead of loafing on the couch and watching football and the Turkey Day parade all day try some of these fun, fit and healthy alternatives.

1.  Get outside with your loved ones and go for a walk at a nearby park.

2.  Step outside with the kids and play some touch football.

3.  Do a “Turkey Run” or “Walk”


Recovering Slowly…

The electricity, heat, phone service and gas stations are coming back online slowly but surely. If you do not have power back yet, we are sure you will eventually. If any CJTC members need assistance please post a message to our Yahoo Group. We are all hear to help each other so just let us know if there is anything the club can to do help.

Drive carefully and stop at all intersections where lights are not functioning as there have been some crazy drivers out there over the last two days. Lastly, please stay away from any downed power lines.

Please be safe!

Your CJTC Board

Hurricane Sandy.. Bring It!!

Well, tiny little Hurricane Sandy can’t stop CJTC members from getting in some training or a good workout while we are stuck inside.  Instead of a hurricane party opt for a hurricane spinning workout instead.

Road Bike.. Check!
Bike Trainer.. Check!
Water Bottle.. Check!
Cycling Shoes.. Check!
Laptop with favorite video or training software.. Check! and Check!
One whopper of a hurricane.. Double Check!

Be safe everyone and stay inside!

Hurricane Spinning Party