Bucks County Covered Bridges Ride

Greetings CJTC,

Unfortunately we had to cancel the Bucks County Covered Bridges Ride as a club event due to the rain.  Although, it didn’t stop many people who were a little more adventuresome from turning out for the ride despite the potential for rain.  As far as we know, at least one CJTC member did the 50 mile hilly ride.  About an hour into the ride it started to rain lightly which lasted for most of the ride and lightened up toward the very end.  The end result was wet roads, damp conditions and chilly temperatures for the entire ride as we had predicted.  Despite the conditions, it was an enjoyable ride which CJTC may try to arrange for a club only event next year when the seasons are more favorable in addition to the weather (so stayed tuned for info next year for that event).  Other than the weather, the scenery was beautiful, sections of road were very steep and hilly, rest stops were packed with food, snacks and drinks and plenty of volunteer support.  Overall, it was a great ride but would be fantastic in excellent weather conditions.

Upcoming events for CJTC that we have planned and we hope to add more in Sept and Oct.

CJTC has only a few events and activities planned for the month of August due to many members being on vacation at this time.

Here is  a list of two group events we have planned for August;
Friday 8/10 9:45am open water swim at Spruce Run State Park
Weds 8/15 6:30pm a group interval workout in the Great Swamp for “A” & “B” level riders.

Group Activities For September;
Saturday 9/8 at Group Bike ride at Round Valley Reservoir with a BBQ after in the park provided by CJTC. Time is TBD.  We will ride the Buckman Sprint Tri bike course. There is a cue sheet listed under the biking file for bike routes.  This would serve as our meeting for this month.

9/16 is Buckman Sprint Triathlon. CJTC will have our tent set up to support and cheer our members on.

Group Activities For October;
10/7 is the Covered Bridges ride out in Bucks county, PA. This such a beautiful bike ride. I was hoping to get a large participation from CJTC to do the 50 mile ride. These are what we like to call these Bike & Eats not races. It is all about having fun riding and eating!!!  To make this more interesting and entertaining,maybe a some club challenges to go with it!  Keep an eye out for more details.

10/21 Fanwood 5k

For November:
Our end of season party… place and date to be determined!!!

Happy Training!!
Your CJTC Board