$10 Discount to the JerseyMan Triathlon

Event:  JerseyMan Sprint Triathlon
Date: May 18th, 2013
Time: Race Starts at 7:45am
Location:  Spruce Run State Park Clinton, NJ

JerseyMan Logo

Race Director Ray Campeau has generously offered Central Jersey Tri Club members a $10 Discount on all race entries for the JerseyMan Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon and AquaVelo.   This race is great way to kick off the racing season and offers a beautiful and scenic course through Spruce Run State Park and through the surrounding rolling hills on local area roads.  This race is already 3/4ths of the way full so if you are looking to participate in this race you will need to reserve your spot sooner rather than later.

Access the discount code in our members only Yahoo Group.

$5 Discount on NJ State Tri and Rutgers Half

Hello CJTC Members,

Along with our affiliation with CGI Racing and who is a big supporter of our club.  CGI Racing is also offering a $5 discount on your NJ State Triathlon and Rutgers Half Marathon & 8K race entries.  Both of these races are part of the CJTC Series Challenge for 2013.

If you have not already registered, now is the time to get an additional $5 off the race entry fees.    You must be a member of the Yahoo Group to access the $5 discount code.  Click here..

Rutgers Half Team Up Challenge Details
For the Rutgers Half enter the club name as “We Dream Team/CJTC” to enter the challenge as we are using it as a fund raiser for the We Dream Team charity.  The team with the most entries will win $500.

NJ State Triathlon Team Up Challenge Details
For the NJ State Triathlon enter our club name alone as “Central Jersey Tri Club” to enter the challenge.  Also with NJ State we will receive 1 free race entry for every 10 participants and if you register before December 1st, 2012 you will be entered to win 125 $80 race entries for the club.  The difference to be returned as a refund if you already registered for the race.

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