Perfect weekend to perform some heat training!

Between training and racing, each of us tries to have complete control over almost every aspect of our build up, event day and post race performance.  However, one thing we have absolutely no control over is the weather and the conditions that will be present on race day.  Since we are in the full swing of summer and another scorching heat wave is on the way, now is a perfect time to brush up on what heat does to our bodies and how to best mitigate the impact on our race performance. Here are a couple articles with tips for preparing for and racing in the heat.

Maintaining Peak Performance in the Heat

Train Smart: Hot Weather Triathlon Training Tips

Biggest Mistakes When Racing In Heat

Stay hydrated for another racing weekend

Summer has officially rolled in with a series of hot scorching days of humidity and high temperatures.  What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than to do a Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike or just head to the beach for a great weekend on the coast.

Whatever you decide to do, please drink plenty of fluids, wear your sun protection and take plenty of breaks along the way (well, scratch the breaks if you are racing.. of course).

Here are some tips from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to combat the heat on these hot summer days.

On the racing front, several races are taking place this weekend.  Most notably the Philadelphia Insurance Sprint and Olympic Triathlons.  If you get a chance head down that way and enjoy the great festive environment and sports expo taking place over the weekend.  The Sprint takes place on Saturday and the Olympic on Sunday so head on down for a fun racing weekend.

Keep cool everyone!!