Now that is more like it!

We had a much larger and dedicated group of club members come out for our February weekly spinning class  led by Coach Thea Skanes at the Westfield Running Company.   With music pumping there was some sweating, moaning and groaning taking place, although there still were smiles and giggles from the peanut gallery in the back row.   Great workout.. You should join us next time!

CJTC Spinning Two

Small but fun turnout for spinning tonight

It ended up being a chilly night in Westfield but it didn’t stop a few motivated club members from turning out at the Westfield Running Company for the CJTC February Spin class!   Joe McMahon led the class while giving us a lesson about training intervals and strengthening our riding in the off season.

Don’t forget we have spinning each Wednesday in February at Westfield Running Company.  Setup starts at 7:00pm and spinning starts at 7:15pm.  See you at the next session.

CJTC spinning at Westfield Running Company