Only two more days until the big event!

Well, it looks like this summer scorcher is going to last through at least the Saturday Sprint at the New Jersey State Triathlon. Make sure you start pre-loading your hydration days before the event and maintain it all the way through your race.

New Jersey State Weather Forecast

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Recovering Slowly…

The electricity, heat, phone service and gas stations are coming back online slowly but surely. If you do not have power back yet, we are sure you will eventually. If any CJTC members need assistance please post a message to our Yahoo Group. We are all hear to help each other so just let us know if there is anything the club can to do help.

Drive carefully and stop at all intersections where lights are not functioning as there have been some crazy drivers out there over the last two days. Lastly, please stay away from any downed power lines.

Please be safe!

Your CJTC Board

Congrats to all finishers of the Fanwood 5K!

There was a huge turn out of seventeen CJTC members racing in Fanwood 5K this year.  What a great day for the race and with such gorgeous fall weather.  Congrats to Evan, Sean, Paul, Bob, John, Jennifer, Kimberly, Claudette, Marybeth, Tovah, Pam, Donna, Mickey, Maggie, Lora, Sara and last but not least Katie.. Phews..  Say that five time fast!!

Of the group we had two first place finishers in their age groups Evan and Bob; one second place finish by Maggie and two more third place finishes by Claudette and Marybeth.

Great efforts by everyone and keep up the training for the 2013 triathlon racing season.

Good Luck Pocono Ironman 70.3 and Dotties House Tri Competitors

It has been a long summer but September has nearly come and gone already.  The race season is starting to come to a close but there are still a few races left for the year and the Pocono Ironman 70.3 and Dotties House – End of Season Triathlons are at bat for this weekend.  The weather is a bit uncertain over the weekend with Saturday weather showing a 20% chance of rain in Seaside Park, NJ; while Sunday weather is less favorable in East Stroudsburg, PA with a 40% chance of rain.  Either way, it will be nice and cool for all the competitors this weekend and we wish you all the best of luck.

Stay tuned and come back for updates on the events from the Pocono Ironman 70.3 this weekend.

Pocono Ironman 70.3 in one more week

The Pocono Ironman 70.3 is almost here.  Only seven short days until the big race weekend.  We hope everyone who is racing is ready and making their final preparations!  The 10 day weather forecast is indicating 40% chance of rain on Sunday; but who can really predict the weather 10 days our anyway right?


Pocono Ironman 70.3 in two weeks

Only two more weeks and we will be in the start of Pocono Ironman 70.3 weekend. The seasons are changing and the past several weeks have been fantastics time to get out, enjoy the weather and enjoy the changing leaves. If race weekend has been anything like the last couple of weekends it should be a great race. Looking forward to seeing all the CJTC racers at the race and weekend events.

This Sunday : Patanella’s Buckman Sprint Triathlon

Don’t forget this Sunday Sept 16th starting at 8am is Patanella’s Buckman Sprint Triathlon.  We know race director Joe Patanella puts on really fun events and this one should be no different.  Additionally, the forecast for Sunday is looking fantastic.  A nice cool high of 72 °F.

And remember CJTC will have our tent setup with burgers and hotdogs for during and after the race with plenty of cold beverages.  Enjoy a great morning outside with your fellow CJTC members.  We will be setting up the club tent on the southern side of the parking lot (your right side as you face the beach from the parking lot).  See you at the race!


Full New York Ironman is a GO!

I’m sure it has been a long a suspenseful day for many a triathlete who have been waiting for the results.  But it is official, the New York Ironman U.S. Championship will take place in its entirety which will include the swim.

New York Ironman Swim Will Proceed After Sewer Break Repaired

Now that it is over and done with, lets all hope that the weather holds off and doesn’t rain on our parade. Right now there is a 60% chance of rain at 5am with it tapering off to around 35% by 5pm.

Weather Forecast for Fort Lee, NJ