Lots of races this Sunday!

Last weekend was a killer weekend for races.. Did you race?  Make sure you tell us.

But this  Sunday isn’t to be ignored either.. Medford Lakes Colony Tri, SheROX in Ashbury Park and then there is the Staten Island Tri.  Plus many more we are sure.   Good luck if you are racing and let us know how you do.

Don’t forget we also have some club rides on both Saturday and Sunday.  Make sure to visit our club members only Yahoo Group to see what is going on for this weekend and what club members are talking about for the future.

Pre-Ironman Pocono 70.3 Bike Ride and Race Weekend Hotels


If you are racing in Ironman Pocono 70.3 on September 29, 2012 we are looking to organize a group to do the bike course in the near future.  Possible dates are Saturday Sept 1st, Sunday 2nd or Sunday Sept 9th.

Additionally we are looking for anyone who would like to split a hotel or commute together for the race.  It’s much more fun that way..

If you are interested head on over to our Yahoo Group and post a message or drop us an email to the club email address.

Course Info:
Bike Course
Elevation Profile
Cue Sheet

Congratulations to all for your efforts this weekend!

We don’t see it very often and many will say once in a blue moon.  However, we can honestly say, across the board and at all levels, everyone from the race participants to the aid station volunteers to the fans cheering and encouraging everyone that this was an absolutely amazing weekend.

The New York Ironman was an amazing event.  We have to say congratulations to all the CJTC and Team ReserveAid members who participated and completed the race.  You have achieved an awesome accomplishment and deserve to be recognized.  Congrats!

Another point of recognition which also deserves recognition is our very own Gal Harel.  Gal raced this weekend in Pantenella’s Co-Ed Revolutionary Triathlon and happened to place 2nd Overall.  What an accomplishment and it is great to see we have talent such as his in our club.

Congratulations to all!


Good Luck CJTC and Team ReserveAid Members

Good luck to all our dedicated racers from CJTC and Team ReserveAid racing in the New York Ironman U.S. Championship tomorrow.  We hope you have a great race and make or break some personal records in the process.

Don’t forget we have a dedicated crew of CJTC members standing by at one of the Run Aid Stations near Englewood Boat Basin to provide all your running, hydration and energy needs on the last leg of the race.  We will be cheering you on and hope you to have a great race.

Best of Luck!

Full New York Ironman is a GO!

I’m sure it has been a long a suspenseful day for many a triathlete who have been waiting for the results.  But it is official, the New York Ironman U.S. Championship will take place in its entirety which will include the swim.

New York Ironman Swim Will Proceed After Sewer Break Repaired

Now that it is over and done with, lets all hope that the weather holds off and doesn’t rain on our parade. Right now there is a 60% chance of rain at 5am with it tapering off to around 35% by 5pm.

Weather Forecast for Fort Lee, NJ

2 Days until New York Ironman U.S. Championship

Well it is almost here..  The 2012 New York Ironman U.S. Championship.  Who will win?  Jordan Rapp, Paul Ambrose or maybe even Michael Lovato?  And for the woman possibly Amy Marsh, Heather Gollnick or how about Mary Beth Ellis? We won’t know until the very end but it will be a great race.

To add more excitement to the event, a dedicated group of CJTC members have volunteered to operate one of the Run Aid Stations near the Englewood Boat Basin.  So for those volunteering we couldn’t ask for a better front seat than being right on the firing line seeing the amazing efforts the racers will put out on Saturday.

It should be a fun and exciting day so if you have a lot of spare time, come on out and cheer on the event participants.