High Gear Cyclery in Stirling is still our founding Bike sponsor and providing rides for CJTC. For a complete list of rides go to www.highgearcyclery.com

The Co-Ed Intermediate Ride will be leaving on Saturdays at 7am for a 15 mile ride starting April 28th.  The pace for these rides is referred to as a talking “B” ride.  They usually average about 16 miles per hour pace.  This means at times they may be riding as fast as 20-22miles per hour and going up hills they may slow down to 12 mpr or slower.  This ride also has some faster riders who maintain 18-20 mpr join the ride. So if you want to ride with some faster riders, you may also join this ride.  These riders are fast enough for the “A” ride but prefer to keep it social.  To attend these rides, you should have a road bike, know your average pace, have ridden in a group before and know how to change a flat tire and put your chain back on if it drops.  You will need to have all the tools necessary to make a tire change if it should go flat.    Mike is the ride leader for this ride.  Thea will be the sweep (or the last person to come in) for these rides when she is available.   These rides run every Saturday weather permitting.  They do not ride in rain or if the temps are below 40 degrees. Once the temps drop below 40 degrees bring your trainers in ride inside.  High Gear will be hosting indoor trainer rides instead of outdoor rides.