Greetings CJTC Members,

The countdown has begun and it is nearly five more days until our largest CJTC event of the year. You have all been swimming smooth, pedaling fast and running hard to get yourselves in shape for the event. Now is the time to dial it back just a bit and rest up for a long weekend of racing and cheering on your fellow club members.

Don’t forget to go to our Yahoo Group and volunteer to contribute an item or two for the weekends events. It should be a fun and exciting weekend for everyone involved. We plan on having our club tent setup in the same location as last year with snacks, a grill for burgers and hot dogs and various drinks for those attending.

Come on down and join us if you are racing, cheering on your friends or just there to lend a hand.

Have a great week and rest up, it should be a fun and exciting weekend.