Hello CJTC Members,

What an amazing experience it was to participate in the NJ State Race this weekend with such outstanding members. My dream, when Tim from Westfield Running Company and I got together to start CJTC, was to have a community triathlon club where people could train, race, meet new training partners and socialize together has come true in only two short years!!!

We may not have won the club challenge this weekend at NJ State but we definitely showed the triathlon community what is to have SPIRIT and a love for the sport. Not only did we cheer on all of our club members but we cheered for all the participants. We even cheered for other local clubs in our area even when their own club members did not. I was very proud to be this clubs President this weekend. Thank you!!! CJTC had members of all abilities out on that race course from experienced to first time triathletes and all did amazing!

We have the best members in any club, hands down. A special thank you to all those that help out this weekend from those who brought food and drinks, those who came to cheer and man the tent and a special thanks to those that cooked and went home smelling like a BBQ.

Like I said yesterday, we may not have won the challenge but we have HEART and SPIRIT!!!!!

Now, for my competitive side- LET’S KICK SOME BUTT NEXT YEAR AND WIN US SOME $$$$$

All MY Best,