Don’t forget, athlete check-in at the Mercer County Park – Boathouse/marina for both the Sprint and Olympic distances are Friday afternoon from 3pm to 7pm

For those coming down to NJ State on Friday to pick up there race packets, the board plans to be there by 3pm setting up the tent.  We may leave for a brief period of time but plan to be there for the 6pm race talk.  If you have anything that you were bringing for the club for the weekend, you can leave them at the tent so you don’t have to bring them on Saturday.  We are hoping to set up somewhere over by start of the run path and finish area. We will have one large white tent and a small navy blue tent right next to each other.

For those planning on bringing Gatorade and chips on Sunday, please don’t.  Thanks to our great members, we have more than enough for the weekend.

Let’s have some fun at NJ State this weekend and who knows maybe we will win the Club Challenge and have a great End of Season party with the winnings!!!

Remember to wear you CJTC colors and apparel.  I have the white Cotton t-Shirts for those that asked for them at the June Meeting.  The cost of the t-shirt is $15.00.  Please bring cash or a check made out to Central Jersey Triathlon Club.

Your CJTC Board