Well CJTC Fans, Today turned out to be a fantastic day for a triathlon after all the doom and gloom from the past could of days.  The day started out cool and cloudy but quickly turned into the ideal racing conditions with a water temp of 78ºF for today’s race.  There was an amazing turnout of CJTC members, their families and those just showing up to give support to the club.  We saw some incredible efforts from all the members which included some first time triathletes, the overcoming a flat tire right in transition at the start of the bike segment and the amazing spirit which CJTC was showing compared to other clubs.

As for the Club Competition, starting the day we were in first place based solely on points for club members signed up for the race. Right now CJTC is in Second Place, as there were a few very high finishes from another club.  However all hope isn’t lost as we expect another amazing day of racing tomorrow with even more great finishes from CJTC.

Let’s get all fired up about the Olympic distance tomorrow and take home the remaining points.

Good luck racers!! See you at the finishing line!