Congratulations to the CJTC hard chargers who participated with ReserveAid in the Patriot Half and those in other races this past weekend.  Quite notably John put his transition skills to work and was ranked 24th out of a field of 595 for his T1 transition time of 1 minute and 28 second and coming in 97th overall.  Fantastic!!  Not far behind was Geoff with placing 23rd of 67 in his division and 150th overall.  Great effort guys!

Not to be out done, the woman put up a strong showing with Jen ranking 11th of 32 in her division. Awesome!!  Jess coming in not far behind ranking 18th of 32 in her division and  Tovah putting in a very strong effort and finishing her very first 70.3; Way to GO!

Then in the Patriot Aqua Bike, we have CJTC President Thea who rocked it finishing 5th out of 22 in her division and ranking 12th overall in a field of 42.

Finally, taking it easy this weekend unlike the Patriot Half crew  at the Long Branch Long Sprint Series, Darren also showed off his swim to bike transitions skills with a T1 time of 1 minute 10 seconds ranking 11th of 101 and then finishing 42nd overall.

What a way to put the CJTC name out there everyone!

Patriot Half and Long Branch results..  Let us know if we are missing anyone.