Rutgers Unite Half and 8KWe are looking for club members to volunteer and help with the setup and manning of
the Team and Club tent at the Rutgers Half event for this year on April 21st for the We Dream Team and CJTC.  If you are not participating in the race, this is a great opportunity for you to contribute some of your time to the charity and your club.Autism Family Times

The second opportunity to volunteer is to assist CGI Racing in the operation of the race. For each one of our club volunteers on the race course, CGI Racing will be making a $25 contribute to the We Dream Team charity.

Volunteering your time at these events is a great way to give back to the community.  Please consider giving back as it is an important part of what makes the multi-sport community so great. Please contact us that you want to volunteer at the charity and club tent or on the race course. We will then contact you with more details as the race date gets closer.