Swimming an Efficient Freestyle with Total Immersion
Presented by Thea Skanes, USA Triathlon and Total Immersion Coach

Date: January 30th
Time: 3-5pm

Location: RWJ Rahway Fitness and Wellness Conference room
2120 Lamberts Mill Rd, Scotch Plains, NJ

RSVP Required

Learn what makes for an efficient freestyle. Learn about how relaxation, balance, streamlining and propulsion all help to make you faster. Find out some of the things you may be doing when you are swimming that can slow you down and how to correct them.

** Stroke Analysis: 5-6pm there will be stroke analysis in the pool.
To participate in this part of the clinic, please RSVP to Thea by January 25th. There will only be 10 spots available for this part of clinic. Each person will have 5-10 minutes to have their stroke looked at and given a sheet of drills to work on to help make you faster.

Please RSVP to Thea at by January 25th to attend this clinic. We need a total count of how many people will be attending. Please indicate if you are attending just the clinic or both. There are only 10 spots for the stroke analysis.